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An apicoectomy is completed in one visit. Below is the procedure for an apicoectomy.

If inflammation or infection continues to persist in the bony area around the end of your tooth after a root canal procedure, Dr. Noakes may have to treat the tooth with a surgical approach. (See illustration 1).
In this procedure, Dr. Noakes reflects the gum tissue near the tooth to see the underlying bone. (See illustration 2). The inflamed or infected tissue is removed along with the very end of the root. A small filling is placed in the root to seal the end of the root canal. A few stitches or sutures are placed in the gingiva to help the tissue heal properly. (See illustration 3). The patient returns in a week for suture removal. Over time, the bone heals around the end of the root. (See illustration 4).

Illustration 1
Illustration 1

Illustration 2
Illustration 1

Illustration 3
Illustration 1

Illustration 4
Illustration 1